Selection requirements for fire door closers

 Saturday, 06 June 2020  Back
The specifications of the door closers for wood fire doors, steel wood fire doors and steel fire doors can be unified according to the original steel fire door standards. The door models with strip glass and those without strip glass doors are the same.
(1) Dealing with problems: There are different types of door closers for wooden doors and steel doors. The main double-opening steel doors are medium fireproof door closers for <1700, medium wood fireproof door closers for <1800, and fan steel Doors 1400 and 1500 are large-sized fire door closers for large fans, medium-sized door closers for small fans, wooden doors 1400 and 1500 are large-sized large door closers, and small fans are medium-sized automatic door closers , Compare with the standard invoice and outbound to avoid confusion.
(2) It turns out that the wooden fire door is light intuitively, and the wooden fire door can be installed in the wrong delivery site without opening the door closer hole in the factory. But sometimes it's wrong to go to steel fire doors. According to the actual single-square meter weight difference between the steel door leaf and the wooden door leaf, the weight of the steel fire door and the wooden fire door should be the same. Class A steel door leaf 35kg/m2; Class B steel door leaf 32.5kg/m2; Class A wooden door 35kg/m2 and Class B wooden door 31kg/m2.
(3) Problem solving: If you do not understand, you can consult the fire door closer manufacturer. When we choose automatic door closers, it is mainly determined by factors such as the door width and weight. If the weight is also small, but the door leaf is wider, a larger fire door closer should also be used. The size of our leaf doors of steel doors and wooden doors of the same size is the same.

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